aerial firefighting ASIA PACIFIC 2018

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29 - 30 AUGUST 2018



The severe wildfire season of 2016/17 concluded the growing threat to suburban dwellings by bushfires. In consequence, the Australian Government continues to invest nearly $15 million each year through the National Aerial Firefighting Centre (NAFC) to respond to these disasters.  


The growing wildfire challenges facing both Australia and New Zealand highlight the importance of a swift and effective aerial response. The national fleet consists of 127 specialised aircraft deployed across Australia, ensuring aerial firefighting resources can be shared between States and Territories during the wildfire season.


In this context, Aerial Firefighting Asia Pacific 2018 addresses the issues specific to the Antipodes and highlights some that affect much of the wider global aerial firefighting agenda.


With a mature and experienced aerial firefighting capability in play, Australia’s challenges are evolving constantly. The Aerial Firefighting Asia Pacific 2018 conference will address their needs of the day with particular emphasis on those evolving management, operational and technological requirements to help them to adapt and being more agile to their challenge.


With scope in the future for international governments to share more resources - and even contract aircraft jointly for 12 months of the year  - there is a groundswell  of discussion on international aerial firefighters following  the  global fire seasons. Discussions will also debate the value of embedding pilots and crew into foreign agencies to report on and improve  their national system 


Lively debate will also emerge surrounding how to establish a lessons-learned programme and suggest ways to improve methodologies. Night vision technologies and autonomous aircraft are also the stalwart topics gaining traction in the Asia Pacific to assist fighting bushfires .


Global Audience Expected at Aerial Firefighting APAC 2018: