aerial firefighting ASIA PACIFIC 2018

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29 - 30 AUGUST 2018




Air Affairs Australia has been providing Airborne Bushfire Reconnaissance services in Australia since 1994.

The Line Scanner systems have been extensively upgraded, providing high quality, accurate imagery, which is rapidly available. The combination of sensors utilised on the scanners are optimised for maximum sensitivity and definition over active bushfires, providing detail in fire front locations and intensity, combined with accurate post-burn definition.

Over recent years, a customised pod system (AIRPOD-101) was developed by Air Affairs to facilitate line scanner operations on the companies multiple Learjet aircraft.

Air Affairs continues to explore further improvement and enhancement on the overall intelligence gathering for Bushfire Reconnaissance.


BLAZET AMER380™ is an elastomer designed to increase the efficiency of water for direct attack of Class A Fire Suppression. BLAZETAMER380™ has USDA Forest Service accreditation, is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-corrosive.

In diluted form BLAZETAMER380™ delivers a superior fire extinguishing performance in reduced time with substantially less water use and inhibits re-ignition. BLAZETAMER380™ guarantees safe handling for Firefighters and is proven harmless to humans, animals and vegetation.